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MidTN Tri Kits

By Bart Busch 06/02/2021, 3:15pm CDT

Our Desoto Webstore is NOW OPEN

MidTN Multisport adds Zone3 as sponsor!

By Bart Busch 04/21/2021, 7:45am CDT

MidTN Multisport Kick Off Ride!!

By Bart Busch 04/05/2021, 5:15pm CDT

Ucann info

By Katherine Hardman 02/20/2021, 3:30pm CST

Club Member Vote on Proposed By-Law Amendments 2-21-21

By Bart Busch 02/12/2021, 7:30pm CST

Executive Board Meeting 02/05/2021

By Katherine Hardman 02/10/2021, 12:30pm CST

Vote on Bylaw Amendments

Executive Board Meeting Jan 30, 2021

By Katherine Hardman 02/07/2021, 7:00pm CST

Proposed Changes to Bylaws

By Katherine Hardman 02/07/2021, 6:45pm CST

MidTN Multisport Bylaws

End of Year Meeting

By Katherine Hardman 01/25/2021, 4:15pm CST

Endurance Sports Management January 2021 Update

By Kevin Mahan 01/12/2021, 10:30am CST

We’ve made it to 2021. Our Endurance Sports Management updates will be sent and posted monthly. Outlined here: 2021 Event Covid Status; 2020 Deferral Status; USAT Club & Coaches Discounts; Award Announcement/Survey; Sock Survey; ESM Sell Out/Wait List Policy.

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Displaying Results 1 - 10 of 11